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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Story (Part 2)

About half an hour before the funeral was due to begin, the door to the storeroom was already cramped with people who had already made their way to the funeral. The door to the storeroom was open, and there was an uncovered coffin which could be visibly seen. The security guards who were already there had to ensure that there was order so they had to make everybody from the top management all the way to the employees stand in line so that they can go in one at a time to take a look at who this person was, that was stopping them moving on to the next higher level in life inside the coffin.
By the time the guards managed to get the queue in order, it was also time for the funeral to begin. As each and every single person went into the storeroom to look into the coffin, they were amazed to see themselves in the mirror which was placed inside the coffin!

P.S. Dear friends and readers, how many times have you blamed circumstances and other factors for your inability to move on in life? Have you ever thought of looking inward into yourself to find where you are lacking in that is causing you not to move ahead in your life?

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Story (Part 1)

One day in a huge company, there was this memo that went around stating "A person has passed on, and this person is the cause of everyone's inability to move on to the next higher level in life. The funeral is to be held in the basement storeroom starting from 11am."

The phrasing of the memo was rather eye-catching, so within an hour or so, almost everyone had heard of the matter. It left everyone in the company from the employees to the top-level board of directors thinking about "Who is this person, that is the cause of my inability to progress on to the next level in life?"

Dare To Dream?

How can fat hope & slim chance both mean the same? I do not know, but honestly I do think it is better than nothing at all, but yet these two verses are used rather commonly to tell someone that they are dreaming for something that they cannot get.

At least those who are told fat hope & slim chance dare to dream!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Health Tips

There are a lot of systems that serve the function of the body. Just to name a couple are the digestive system and immune system.

Recently I learnt from a friend, that when we are engaged in something, all the other systems in the body shut down just so that there will be sufficient energy for us to concentrate on settling the something that most requires our immediate attention.

So, just to share one of them, when a person is stressed after lunch, the digestive system stops its function of digesting food, and the immune system also stops working, so now do you see why a person who eats because he/she is stressed puts on the extra weight and gets sick easily?

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Tribute To Mothers

I specially dedicate this post to mothers, for you are truly the best in this world other than the true friends in life who we will come to know.

Mothers go through a lot to bring us into this world. The pains of childbirth, the pains of carrying you all forgotten the very moment she sees you crying for the very first time. In the process of seeing you, she has forgotten all the pains and aches that came to her during the process of carrying you. And which is something I wonder, for the day when kids will realize what their mother went through to bring them into this world. Despite all the challenges of childbirth, your mother has never, ever said a single -ve thing about carrying you. In fact, she is looking forward to seeing you because you are the main reason why she is carrying you inside her! But what do kids or children nowadays do? They demand, order, shout, scream, bark at their mother, but what does the mother do? No doubt the mother will flare up, but very soon she will forgive you. Why? The answer? Love! When you do something wrong, your mother may beat you with a cane or feather duster. But very soon, the very minute you say from the bottom of your heart that you are sorry, she forgives you. Why? The answer? Love again! When a child is about to face imminent danger, the mother quickly holds the child in her arms, back towards the danger shielding the child. Why? The answer? Love yet again! If you have ever have the chance to look at the ancient ruins of Pompeii, an ancient town buried when Mt Vesuvius erupted, you might chance to see a scene where a mother hugged her child with her body over the child. The child died too of course, but what drove the mother to face such grave danger? Love!

Beating pains you physically but it hurts the heart for the mother. So who is getting the real deal of getting a beating? Love, but still there is the need to beat! The pain will give you growth but its essential! The thought of the pain or the cane might make you cringe but what good is the beating if it loses its lesson of you?

Blessed are those with mothers, but let us not forget about those who do not have this blessing. These children grow up in conditions with no one to help them in their times of need, but yet an advantage of it is that these children grow up to be more independent compared to those of their age. Many people complain about their lot in life but yet do not realise how fortunate they are!

I am unable to cover everything, but I can tell you that your mother will go through ANYTHING just so that you can be happy, do ANYTHING just so that you can have a little more extra to eat, at the expense of her own happiness & health. To summarise everything about your mother in one word: LOVE! Her love includes sacrificing beyond your imagination! Lying hurts her the most, your future worries her the most. Nothing will ever be enough to repay their kindness & love, and the only thing they want to see from you is not the money that you bring in from the business you own or the lifestyle you provide for them. What they want to see is your growth, and the best thing you can ever do for them is honour & glory.

Love, cherish & care for your mother while she is still there. For those who are deprived of a mother, my deepest respect to you for your independence & lessons in life that you went through.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Your attitude determines your altitude"

"What the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can achieve"

Power Of Words & Brain

I am back, and I am sorry about it. The past 11 months vanishing from this blog have been nothing but an excellent journey on a personal level. Life still comes at you, does it not? Irregardless of whether you are +ve or -ve, life will still come at you. Remember how in the last entry about the Differential to cap the -ve and dilute it by pouring in so much +ve?

Well, the -ve will not be removed. But really, the -ve in you is really like a concentrated syrup or juice, and pretty much the +ve is the water that you use to dilute the syrup. If the syrup or juice is removed because of the water, then you are better off drinking plain water than flavoured water. It is just like it is said in the Bible, that: "You are the salt and light of the world. But if the salt loses its saltiness, then what good is it for? It is good for nothing except to be thrown out and to be stepped on". Now, I am not a spiritual teacher or teacher of faith but it is linked if you are able to get the picture.

The Differential really lies in the words you use. It is in the Bible (Remember, I am not a teacher of religion), that "you are snared by the words of your mouth" and that "the plans of man lie in his heart". So in other words, your mouth is the one of the most powerful things you have on you. It builds up or puts down another person, it has the power to make what you say come into existence. There is something known as speaking things into existence, but you first have to make it up in the unseen before it comes into the seen. Take the example of a building that you are in. It was not there until it first appeared in the mind of someone who then put action by drawing it. At this stage, he might face challenges from others who said back then that the idea was not possible. But he had to speak right as if the building is already there. So he keeps on repeating the same thing everytime he meets the challenges. He then submits the draft to his bosses, who then find the right people to build the building etc etc. After a few years, the building you are in is there!

Probably you are not happy with what you have now or your life, but you have forgotten that this is what you have created in the unseen (in your mind) that creates the seen (what you have now). Therefore it is always important to speak right. Speak the present into the future, and always back it up with the relevant action. Without action, it is cheap talk, and when your brain gets confused it switches itself off. Imagine telling others that you are a great speaker but whenever after you finish a presentation you say that you are not good.

To close, your brain can do 20,000 trillion calculations per second, and it is at its most vulnerable at night. Input the +ve, and you get a good night's sleep. Do otherwise, and it will play on your mind throughout the night. Having a good night's sleep helps you to feel good, rested and recharged while late night owls are more likely to feel -ve & drained. It is easier for a late night owl to feel -ve, depressed and drained. Being +ve means life will still come at you, but at least by being +ve, you are ready. Another way of being & staying +ve is to have a dream. It costs nothing to have a dream, but with action you can concentrate and focus on the dream rather than the -ve that comes at you in life.

Now you have a choice. Make the choice that best suits what you really want in life.

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